There isn't a way to defeat it but you just need to go through the waves till' the end. Only then will you be free to go to the next level.

How to obtain Zapdos:

Train 6 Electric type pokemon to level 100 Un-hacked and articuno will appear to battle him. 

If all your 6 Electric type pokemon are Shiny, Zapdos will give you a shiny Baby Zapdos.

If all your 6 Electric type pokemon are Shadow, Zapdos will give you a shadow Baby Zapdos.

If all your 6 Electric type pokemon are normal, Zapdos will give you a normal Baby Zapdos.

If your 6 Electric pokemon are Shiny and/or Shadow and/or Normal, Zapdos will give you a Normal Baby Zapdos or Shiny Zapdos or Shadow Zapdos


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