Celadon Gym: Look, Celebi's on your side in this battle! Certainly, with a legendary Pokemon on your side, you can demolish a trivial challenge such as a gym battle, right? But there's one problem: the opponent also has a legendary Pokemon, who also seems to be Celebi, and his celebi is way stronger than yours. Don't let this get to you. Stay focused and let your Celebi help you free Erika from Mewthree's control.

Your TeamEdit

Note that you may use any Pokemon listed below, depending on who you have caught and raised.

003MS Venusaur

or 006MS Charizard (Recommended) or 009MS Blastoise
Sludge Bomb Roar Fire Blast Roar Ice Beam Roar
Synthesis Sunny Day Sunny Day --- --- ---
065MSAlakazam (Recommended)
Psychic Calm Mind
Light Screen Shadow Ball
122MS Mr. Mime
Psychic Calm Mind
Light Screen Shadow Ball
123MS Scyther (Recommended)
X-Scissor Aerial Ace
Swords Dance ---
127MS Pinsir
X-Scissor Bulldoze
Swords Dance ---
038MS Ninetales (Recommended)
Fire Blast Sunny Day
Safeguard Nasty Plot
047MS Parasect (Recommended)
X-Scissor Spore
--- ---


Venusaur and Charizard are the only starters that should be used, as Venusaur resists most Grass-type moves as well has having access to Synthesis and Sludge Bomb and Charizard resists Grass-type moves as well as being able to send a super-effective Fire Blast at any Pokemon that is sent. If Blastoise will be used, be very careful when dealing with opponents which use Grass-type moves (which is generally everyone except Exeggcute and the Oddish family). Ice Beam is the way to go.

Alakazam and Mr. Mime are good choices when dealing with Grass/Poison types, such as the Oddish family, the Bellsprout family, and the Bulbasaur family. Psychic is a good choice for both, especially after using Calm Mind or Charge Beam to increase their Special Attack. Shadow Ball may be used to take out Celebi; that is, if you are going for the Celadon Gym achievement. Finally, Light Screen may be used to increase the resistance of most Grass-type moves not only for Alakazam and Mr. Mime, but for your entire team. The difference between the two is that Alakazam has a high Special Attack to deal a ton of damage while Mr. Mime has high Special Defense to take damage. It's your choice.

Scyther and Pinsir both share the same role: to defeat Celebi. X-Scissor is 4x super-effective against Grass/Psychic types, which is exactly what Celebi is. If you aren't going for the achievement, then these two won't be entirely useful (except against the Exeggcute). However, Scyther can use Aerial Ace to hit many Grass-types with a hard hit as well as resisting their moves by 0.25%, and Pinsir can use Bulldoze to slow down their enemies. Swords Dance can be used on both to increase their attacking power.

Ninetales is a great choice when you don't have Charizard. Even if you do have Charizard, this Pokemon is still spectacular. Not only is its Special Defense rather high, but it can send Fire Blasts like nothing else. Sunny Day can be used to increase the power of Fire-type moves on your side.

Take your pokemon away as soon as celebi comes out, since it's celebi is uber strong, and can easily rip through fire types, despite it being ineffective.

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